About St. Mark’s

Our church, designed and built by Cannon Construction Company in the fall of 1960, has a seating capacity of 200, including the choir, cry room and the small chapel.

Individual parishioners donated most of its appointments and many items, including the altar and the podium, were constructed by members of the parish. Of special note are the stained glass windows, imported from Germany, which depict the Seven Sacraments.

Counter-clockwise around the church, they are:

Holy Eucharist: The beautiful round window above the altar with the picture of Our Lord holding the Host and the Chalice, offering us His Sacred Body and Blood.

Baptism: St. Peter baptizing Cornelius, the Roman Centurion at Caesarea. (Acts of the Apostles, Chap 10)

Reconciliation: St. Mary Magdalene, the penitent sinner, anointing and washing the feet of Jesus. (Gospel of St. Luke, Chap 7)

Confirmation: the Holy Spirit descends upon the Apostles on the Feast of Pentecost (Acts of the Apostles, Chap 2)

Matrimony: Our Lord with His Mother at the marriage feast at Cana in Galilee (Gospel of St. John, Chap 2)

Holy Orders: Our Lord ordaining the Apostles to go forth and take up His Work. (Gospel of St. Luke, Chap 22)

Anointing of the Sick:Our Lord and the Blessed Mother at the death of St. Joseph. (Epistle of St. James, Chap 5)